Welcome to Lewis County Driving School

About Us

We are a quality driving school that teaches students to make safe decisions while driving. This is a course that affects the rest of the student's life and this class shouldn't be taken lightly. Please make this be a priorty over all other activities.

Course Info

Classes will consist of 15 classroom sessions (2 hours each) over 5 weeks and 6 behind the wheel lessons (2 hours; 1 driving, 1 observing) during the course. Course fee is $350 which includes the fee for the first DOL written and drive test; more info here. This is not an open ended class. You must attend each scheduled class period, a fee of $25 is required to make up a missed class or $30 to make up a missed drive. Visit the FAQ for more info.


Make sure you and your student has read the entire FAQ.

Adult lessons by appointment.

We are a quality school

In over 20 years of operation we have strictly adhered to and exceeded all Washington State Department of Licensing regulations.