Welcome to Lewis County Driving School


The school closed on June 14, 2022

The owner, Nancy Hall, has retired. YAY !

{ The Centralia DOL office is open for permits/licenses }

{go to DOL.WA.GOV - on top click on "online services"}

I am referring all students and DOL applicants to Olympic Driving School.

Dol Testing at Olympic Driving School Centralia

Knowledge test information:  Bring your PIC # otherwise known as a Washington ID number (new numbers will start with WDL) or permit # or driver license # and some picture ID for the written test.  Cost is $15 per test.

Skills test information:  Bring your PIC # and some picture ID.  If you don't have a permit, we will issue a temporary permit just for the drive test free of charge.  Bring a car that has current insurance, registration, and all the lights working.

Testing available for all Washington residents.


We are a quality school

We have strictly adhered to and exceeded all Washington State Department of Licensing regulations since 1994.